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About Melody

I have loved animals since I was a small child. I got ‘horse fever’ at the tender age of five and was lucky to live in a time when you could jump on your horse with only a halter and ride out into the woods free of worry. Childhood fast forwarded into adulthood and with it came all the difficulties of this passage. As with so many of us, horses became a memory, a dream, until my mid forties.

After years of working in the high powered, success driven field of Information Technology in the metropolis of Seattle, Washington, I found myself exhausted and broken from psychological and physical stress and anxiety. Aware that I had to make a change, I experienced an intuitive knowing and a deep yearning to be in the presence of horses. In a series of spectacular events, due to the Grace of God, “Lily” my Quarter Horse mare came into my life. Shortly thereafter, I stumbled into the orbit of Equus africanus asinus...better known as the donkey!

In 2007, I brought “Rio” a nine-month-old Mammoth Donkey and his sidekick, “Rocketman” a thirteen-year-old Miniature Donkey home as companions for “Lily”. From this day forward, my life has been a journey of insight and healing. My deep love, passion and connection to equines has called me to discover fresh and innovative ways to be of service. This aspiration to serve donkeys and horses has bloomed into the Donkey Whisperer Farm and the Donkey Whisperer Online Training Courses.

At the very core of my life is our Savior Jesus Christ. My husband Scott and I live through His Grace which holds us together in times of trial, loss and gain. We hold fast to each other and keep our compass pointed on our vision and goals for Donkey Whisperer Farm.


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