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My first look at Lily is burned into my memory. This twenty-month-old Palomino Quarter Horse filly appeared to be sparkling, brand new, with a zest for life. I walked outside her paddock and stood looking at her beauty. It had been thirty four years since I had my own horse and suddenly time stood still. Lily immediately left her mother’s side and ran up to the fence and followed me as I ran to the end of her small paddock; in that moment I felt like I was a young girl again. I ran back up the paddock to see if she would follow me; her mother was standing way back staring at me and I repeated this again just to make double sure; and then the miracle came: Lily stuck her nose up to the fence to smell me, so I blew a breath of air softly back at her, at this moment in time the filly and I had “joined up” as Monty Roberts so eloquently states.

Lily has taught me to think “safety first, have a plan and live in the moment”. Together we became healers, reminding each other to let go of the past and be present here, now. Lily was quick to teach me humility and how my emotions, energy and movement communicated and affected her. This wonderful mare has honed my intuition, senses and instincts.


Miss Trophy is a stunning black American Saddlebred mare. She had been bred for the gaited show circuit, but fell short due to some minor conformational requirement. When she came to me in 2014 her previous owner had all but forgotten her. She had serious trust issues, poor manners and very little respect for humans. She was in a perpetual state of anxiety and the slightest pressure risked sending her into an explosive state. Not only had she not been started under saddle, she had not been taught boundaries or social skills.

Today, Miss Trophy continues to be a “work in progress” but has made tremendous strides. She has connected and bonded with me, she is trusting, has good social skills and is doing well in her ground work. Being a right-brained extrovert, we have tuned into one of her favorite activities: jumping! In 2017, she will start under saddle.


On my 47th birthday I saw and fell in love with a Mammoth donkey named “Rio”. When I first met Rio he was nine months old with a beautiful brown fluffy coat and white highlights. He looked like a stuffed animal, he did not look real. He was playing tug-o-war with a supplement tray with his best buddy “Rocket Man” a miniature donkey. He walked right up to me and placed his big head in my chest and left it there for at least 30 seconds. There was something mesmerizing and incredibly unique about him.

Rio is the Ambassador for the Mammoth Donkey as his size, confirmation and disposition are perfect! He now stands an impressive 16.2 hands! He is extremely interpersonal, calm, kind and a real thinker. He is a left-brain introvert with an open mind and a heart of gold. Rio is a testament to the application of Parelli training techniques and loves the Parelli exercises and games. I started him under saddle in 2010 and he has flourished. Rio has taught me most of what I know about the donkey brain, heart and soul. He is the inspiration and the very foundation for Donkey Whisperer Farm.


Oboe is a cheeky, opinionated Standard donkey. He is a very blessed donkey in that he and his best friend (Tuba listed below) were headed for slaughter. Fortunately, due to a number of well intended people, Oboe was spared. However, the new owners were not prepared for Oboe's antics and Oboe got the upper hand becoming extremely unmanageable. I was called in to help the farrier because Oboe was kicking with intent to harm. I agreed to take both he and Tuba once the barns were built at Donkey Whisperer Farm. Being a Right Brain Extrovert he was a lot of donkey in a small package. In June of 2014 he came home to Donkey Whisperer Farm.

Oboe has blossomed here. He no longer has any problems with his feet. He has bonded and listens to my commands and understands my role as leader. He has developed a strong foundation of trust and humility. My goal is that he and his best friend “Tuba” will one day drive.


Tuba is an older, calm, very wise Standard Donkey. He is Oboe's rock and it is because of Tuba that Oboe is likely still alive. Tuba is such a sweet donkey that he won the hearts of many when he and Oboe's destiny were in question. Tuba is a left brain introvert and very smart. He is willing, eager to please and very calm and a great listener. We look forward to teaching him to drive.

Rocket Man

When we decided to get Mammoth Donkey Rio, we were immediately told that donkeys go in pairs! Rio had bonded to a strong and confident gray miniature donkey named “Rocket Man” after being weaned. The two were truly best friends. I said, “Oh you don’t have to bend my arm to take a mini donkey… they are adorable.”

Rocketman is the epitome of wisdom and kindness with a pinch of detachment. He is clear exactly who he is and what he wants. Rocket Man has taught me how deep the donkey brain runs. His mind is always looking for a way around me and I love the challenge of keeping ahead of him. Rocket Man is bipolar in the equine Parelli charts. I feel blessed by God to have received Rocket Man as he has been a great asset to my learning curve. He is our little treasure and we look forward to many more years with him.


Miniature Donkey Roy came to us at the same time as Maximus. Roy is both a Right Brain Extrovert personality/Left Brain Extrovert personality and is smart as a whip. When challenged or feeling stress he has a tendency to over react and even harm himself. When I met Roy, he wanted nothing to do with humans, but after a month of working with him, he is now bonded and connected. I am very proud of his willingness and progress. Our goal is to have him drive one day with Maximus.


Maximus came to live with us in June of 2014. Maximus is a Miniature Donkey who was recently gelded and has both a Right Brain Extrovert personality/Left Brain Extrovert personality. Maximus has still not made up his mind that I am worthy of his trust or leadership. He needs a lot of time and work and came to me with some very bad manners and very little respect for humans.

This little guy is an athlete and will pull a cart one day. Keep your eyes on this boy as he is going to be an amazing athlete!


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