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The Hay Pillow
The Hay Pillow

The Hay Pillow offers innovative slow feed creations for your equines. The Hay Pillow slow feed system reduces the risk of colic and ulcers, increases digestion and reduces the secretion of cortisol. The Hay Pillow optimizes your equines chew time thus helping to alleviate boredom and hunger. The Hay Pillow assists you in managing your equines weight and decreases overall feed waste. We love this natural and instinctive approach to feeding horses, mules and donkeys!


This website possesses a vast amount of information about diet, sugars and carbohydrates in regards to hay and your equine's diet. Safergrass addresses Equine Metabolic Disease and is dedicated to education, prevention and treatment of hoof diseases and laminitis. The information gathered is the result of research on how to better manage chronic laminitis in all equines. We highly recommend every equine owner read and practice the directives from this web site.


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