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Training Philosophy

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Mutual respect and deep understanding can bridge human/equine differences and create a therapeutic bond. When you understand your equine, provide leadership and offer them a reason to trust, they in turn do the same for you. Humans and equines can empower one another, provide psychological and spiritual balance and encourage one another's instinctive and intuitive senses. In essence, together you become healers. This is why Donkey Whisperer Farm trains you, the owner, to train your equines personally. This bond, this healing must be forged between you and your equine, not a third party trainer. After all, it is you that your donkey will be sharing its life with.

It is from this perspective that Donkey Whisperer Farm Online Training Courses have evolved. Each equine is unique and carries with it a cellular and energetic memory. No training technique is a blanket solution for all equines. Each donkey is an individual with personal experiences, needs and defenses. Every domestic equine has a history with humans whether tragic, indifferent or supportive that must be considered in a holistic training program.

I base my training on the personality type of both you and your equine. I teach you to teach your donkey to listen, connect and follow. This fosters a strong foundation of kinship and leadership which in turn allows you and your equine to achieve your goals, whether that be trail riding, loading in a trailer or simply standing for the farrier.

Donkeys are unique and deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and patience. Donkeys are incredibly intelligent, reflective and deep thinkers. This is often misunderstood and fuels the cultural myth of donkeys as stubborn and unintelligent. They are not! They are very smart and know when a human does not have their best interest at heart.

When training, I use only resistance-free techniques. Training a donkey can be challenging as they do not learn and respond like a horse. Donkeys require you to think ahead and have a positive plan and you must move and respond On Donkey Time...slow, reflective and patient. Donkeys gravitate towards firm leadership and clear, calm boundaries. In this way donkeys inspire us to cultivate our finest human qualities.

Donkeys are the reason I have a diverse training background. In order to cross species lines and train donkeys, mules and horses, I have had to understand equines not only at their most refined level, but also at an evolutionary level. I am a student of Pat and Linda Parelli and I share how and why Parelli works for my donkeys and horses. I study the great masters, including Parelli, Meredith Hodges, Clinton Anderson and Monty Roberts. For the past decade I have done extensive research into equine personality types and I am certified by the Parelli “Horsenality/Humanality” Seminar. I have also participated in special education courses addressing Donkey Welfare, Natural Foot Care and Donkey Psychology and Behavior.

I invite you to join me and learn more by participating in our Online Training Courses.

Continuing Education

Donkey Whisperer Farm and Trainer Melody Johnson are dedicated to continuing education and ever-deepening insight and understanding into equine communication, training, behavior, personality and healthcare.

January 31st through February 4th 2014 ~ Melody attended the Parelli Horsenality/Humanality Course in Ocala, Florida with Linda Parelli and Patrick Handley. This extensive hands-on course focused on equine and human personality types and their role in developing a holistic paradigm for equine communication and training. Certification was completed.

November 1st through November 3rd 2013 ~ Melody participated in the University of California, Davis Veterinary School Donkey Welfare Symposium. The Symposium addressed donkey behavior, training, physiology, farriery, dentistry, parasite management and the management of Sanctuary and Feral donkey populations. Course was completed.


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