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Donkey Whisperer Farm Rope Halters

Donkey Whisperer Farm (DWF) rope halters are made specifically for donkeys! Our donkey rope halters are one of the best investments you can make in training your donkey. All halters and matching lead lines are hand-made in the USA with high quality yacht rope. Yacht rope is impervious to mold and does not unravel or fray. Each halter includes a matching lead line (6 ft for Miniature donkeys, 9 ft for Standard donkeys, 12 ft for Mammoth donkeys) with a heavy duty brass screw on snap and a leather end. Our lead lines are also sold individually should you want several different lengths. Our rope halters and lead lines come in an assortment of gorgeous colors and three sizes to fit your donkey perfectly (Miniature, Standard and Mammoth). Our rope halters and lead lines are an essential training tool for any donkey.

Donkey Whisperer Farm rope halters and lead lines have a and domestic !

We accept all credit card payments in our Online Store through PayPal. A PayPal account is not required! We accept Money Orders within the U.S.A. and Western Union Internationally.

If you live outside the United States, please Contact Us to place your order and receive a shipping estimate for international orders.

Ordering Halters For Your Mammoth Donkey

Mammoth Donkeys come in a wide range of sizes, so all Mammoth Donkey rope halters are Custom Fit (regardless of the color) and are a Special Order and take 7-10 days to receive. Once you purchase your Mammoth Donkey rope halter in our Online Store, we will send you a template and instructions for measuring your Mammoth Donkey’s head. Once we receive your donkey’s measurements we will place your order.

We Offer Custom Fit Halters For Any Donkey!

Donkey Whisperer Farm is proud to offer Custom Fit rope halters for any donkey. Donkey heads come in many sizes and shapes and we can help you obtain the perfect fit for your donkey's rope halter. While our Standard and Minature donkey rope halters fit most donkeys, you can special order a halter if you choose. Contact Us and we will provide you with Custom Fit Instructions and get your order started. Once we receive your information, custom fit halters usually take 7-10 days to receive.

Learn the advantages of using a Donkey Whisperer Farm rope halter specifically made for a donkey not a horse! A DWF rope halter is your greatest asset and training tool. Watch our video to learn more about DWF rope halters, how our rope halters help you in training your donkey and how to put a DWF rope halter on your donkey.

Colors in Stock (Will ship immediately)
Black, Red, Forest Green, Neon Orange, Blue, Coral Pink and Purple

Custom Orders (7 to 10 days delivery)
Rainbow Multi, Black Multi,
and Blue Multi Colors
Custom Orders (7 to 10 days delivery)
Burgundy, Neon Green, Brown,
Beige, Turquoise and White

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